Sikhara Marketing specializes in developing a deep understanding of our client’s needs through comprehensive market and online research. We then use this information to develop and deploy marketing programs that help drive bottom-line growth.

The foundation of our approach is a proven methodology designed to uncover industry and competitive perceptions, along with key words and phrases that help deliver targeted, high-impact communications programs that equate to measurable success.

Audit: Getting to Know You

The Audit phase is a two-part process of information gathering on current messaging, popular keywords, industry perceptions about products and services, and competitors.

Messaging: Scrutinizing Communication Assets

Review of materials including advertising, collateral, website, media materials, press coverage and reviews, investor presentations and existing materials and keywords and phrases used to communicate and sell the company and its products/services.

Market Perceptions: Surveying the Landscape

Customized survey of all relevant internal and external constituencies including executive management, strategic and channel partners, field sales force, marketing staff and agencies, customer service representatives, industry analysts and media, and existing and potential customers.

Analysis: Sharing What We Learned

We will present the results as an overview of the industry and competitive positioning, alongside a detailed view of the corporate and product/services messaging being presented and what is actually perceived and valued in the market.

From here, we will make recommendations and discuss actionable steps to achieve market dominance.